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Reproducible research and GIScience: an evaluation using AGILE conference papers
To support researchers in producing reproducible work, the GIScience conference series could offer awards and paper badges, provide author guidelines for computational research, and publish articles in Open Access formats. Expand
Follow the Signs - Countering Disengagement from the Real World During City Exploration
An approach to support navigation and exploration by explicitly managing attention shifts between the virtual and the physical world is proposed and initial evidence that the approach can successfully support navigation while also facilitating the perception of the environment is provided. Expand
Opening the Publication Process with Executable Research Compendia
It is concluded that ERCs provide a novel potential to find, explore, reuse, and archive computer-based research. Expand
Computational reproducibility in geoscientific papers: Insights from a series of studies with geoscientists and a reproduction study
Advice is proposed for authors to overcome the issues around reproducibility in the computational geosciences using the R code. Expand
In-depth examination of spatiotemporal figures in open reproducible research
  • M. Konkol, C. Kray
  • Computer Science
  • Cartography and Geographic Information Science
  • 19 October 2018
This work extends the traditional workflow steps Discovery and Inspection by additional capabilities and proposes two new steps: Manipulation of the content of a spatiotemporal figure and Substitution of the underlying code and data. Expand
Publishing computational research - A review of infrastructures for reproducible and transparent scholarly communication
A review of software solutions designed to solve the problem of publishing executable computational research results and properties related to preservation relevant for librarians dealing with long-term accessibility of research materials are included. Expand
Publishing computational research - a review of infrastructures for reproducible and transparent scholarly communication
The applications reviewed support authors to publish reproducible research predominantly with literate programming, and most applications provide user interfaces to inspect and manipulate the computational analysis. Expand
Creating Interactive Scientific Publications using Bindings
A toolkit for authors to easily create interactive figures by connecting specific UI widgets to parameters is proposed, and initial evidence that the concept is feasible and applicable to many papers with moderate effort is provided. Expand