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Recent studies on metallothionein: protection against toxicity of heavy metals and oxygen free radicals.
Current studies on the protective roles of MT against toxicity of heavy metals and reactive oxygen species are reviewed, and the putative biological functions of MT are discussed. Expand
Hepatoprotective effect of syringic acid and vanillic acid on concanavalin a-induced liver injury.
Findings indicate that the phenolic compounds in L.E.M. are hepatoprotective through their suppression of immune-mediated liver inflammation. Expand
Silica nanoparticles as hepatotoxicants.
Taken together, nano-size materials may be hepatotoxic, and these findings will be useful for future development in nanotechnology-based drug delivery system. Expand
Whole-cell arsenite biosensor using photosynthetic bacterium Rhodovulum sulfidophilum
This biosensor indicates the presence of arsenite with a bacterial color change without the need to add a special reagent or substrate for color development, enabling this pollutant to be monitored in samples by the naked eye in sunlight, even where electricity is not available. Expand
Cadmium induces apoptosis partly via caspase-9 activation in HL-60 cells.
The results suggest that Cd-induced apoptosis is partly caused by caspase-9 activation triggered by Cyt c, and a broad-specificity inhibitor of caspases inhibited caspased-3 activation and DNA fragmentation induced by Cd in a dose-dependent fashion. Expand
A Novel Strategy for the Enhancement of Drug Absorption Using a Claudin Modulator
It is suggested that C-CPE enhances the absorption of dextran in rat jejunum, apparently through interactions with claudin-4, and this effect may represent an effective novel strategy for enhancing theabsor of drugs. Expand
Role of C-terminal regions of the C-terminal fragment of Clostridium perfringens enterotoxin in its interaction with claudin-4.
The results suggest that the 16 C-terminal amino acids of C-CPE are responsible for the interaction of C -CPE and claudin-4 following the disruption of TJ barrier function. Expand
Preparation, characterization, and tableting of a solid dispersion of indomethacin with crospovidone.
A powder SD of indomethacin (IM) with CrosPVP was prepared using mechanical mixing followed by heating to temperatures below the melting point to produce IM in an amorphous state when its concentration was <40%. Expand
Hepatoprotective effect of syringic acid and vanillic acid on CCl4-induced liver injury.
The administration of syringic acid and vanillic acid could suppress hepatic fibrosis in chronic liver injury in mice with CCl(4)-induced liver injury. Expand
Histological analysis of 70-nm silica particles-induced chronic toxicity in mice.
Nano-sized silica is a promising material for disease diagnosis, cosmetics and drugs. For the successful application of nano-sized material in bioscience, evaluation of nano-sized material toxicityExpand