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An extrasolar planet that transits the disk of its parent star
Planets orbiting other stars could in principle be found through the periodic dimming of starlight as a planet moves across—or ‘transits’—the line of sight between the observer and the star.
Masses and Orbital Inclinations of Planets in the PSR B1257+12 System
We present measurements of the true masses and orbital inclinations of the two Earth-mass planets in the PSR B1257+12 system, based on the analysis of their mutual gravitational perturbations
An extrasolar giant planet in a close triple-star system
The detection of an unusual hot Jupiter orbiting the primary star of a triple stellar system, HD 188753, is reported, leaving the origin of this planet unclear.
High-precision Orbital and Physical Parameters of Double-lined Spectroscopic Binary Stars—HD78418, HD123999, HD160922, HD200077, and HD210027
We present high-precision radial velocities (RVs) of double-lined spectroscopic binary stars HD78418, HD123999, HD160922, HD200077, and HD210027. They were obtained based on the high-resolution
New data and improved parameters for the extrasolar transiting planet OGLE-TR-56b
We report new spectroscopic observations with the Keck HIRES instrument of the recently discovered transiting planet OGLE-TR-56b. Our radial velocity measurements with errors of ~100 m s-1 show clear
We report the results of our campaign to follow up spectroscopically several candidate extrasolar transiting planets from the OGLE-III survey in the direction of the Galactic center, announced in
A Transiting Extrasolar Giant Planet around the Star OGLE-TR-10
We report a transiting extrasolar giant planet around the star OGLE-TR-10 (orbital period = 3.1 days), which was uncovered as a candidate by the OGLE team in their photometric survey toward the
Orbital configurations and dynamical stability of multiplanet systems around sun-like stars HD 202206, 14 Herculis, HD 37124, and HD 108874
We perform a dynamical analysis of the recently published radial velocity (RV) measurements of a few solar-type stars that host multiple Jupiter-like planets. In particular, we reanalyze the data for
A Planetary-Mass Companion to the K0 Giant HD 17092
We report the discovery of a substellar-mass companion to the K0 giant HD 17092 with the Hobby-Eberly Telescope. In the absence of any correlation of the observed 360 day periodicity with the
A Planet in a 0.6 AU Orbit Around the K0 Giant HD 102272
We report the discovery of one or more planet-mass companions to the K0-giant HD 102272 with the Hobby-Eberly Telescope. In the absence of any correlation of the observed periodicities with the