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Overview of situation management at SIMA 2005
This paper is an introduction to the Workshop on Situation Management, SIMA 2005. Expand
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Lessons learned from developing SAWA: a situation awareness assistant
SAWA is a situation awareness assistant being developed by Versatile Information Systems, Inc. Expand
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Automatic Target Detection And Recognition: A Wavelet Based Approach
Wavelet based target detection and identification algorithms for radar applications presented and tested and evaluated on computer simulated data. Expand
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Situation tracking: The Concept and a Scenario
We use the term dasiasituational behaviorpsila to refer to a collective response to an event generated by a collection of objects in a situation. Expand
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Towards a Unified Policy Language for Future Communication Networks: A Process
This paper describes an effort to develop an integrated set of ontologies for the particular sub-domains of network communication and a formal language, common to all the sub-doms, capable of expressing domain specific policies. Expand
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Situation assessment: procedural vs. logical
  • M. Kokar
  • Computer Science
  • 7th International Conference on Information…
  • 25 July 2005
This paper discusses issues and challenges in automatic situation assessment in the context of multi-source information fusion. Expand
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An example of horizontal conflict alert resolution using symbolic reasoning
  • M. Li, M. Kokar
  • Engineering
  • IEEE/AIAA 26th Digital Avionics Systems…
  • 4 December 2007
In air traffic control, two or more aircraft approaching each other within a close distance will create a conflict alert situation. To reduce the risk of mid-air collisions, a warning and resolutionExpand