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Effects of backpack load position on spatiotemporal parameters and trunk forward lean.
Backpack loads for school children have increased over the last two decades raising concerns among medical practitioners and parents about the possible detrimental effects. Gait instability inducedExpand
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Inconsistent use of terminology in whole body vibration exercise research.
Whole body vibration exercise (WBV) intensity can be manipulated by altering the frequency of oscillations and/or its magnitude. The inconsistencies and inaccuracies reported within the literatureExpand
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Coordination changes in a discrete multi-articular action as a function of practice.
This study investigated how novices re-organized motor system degrees of freedom when practicing a multi-articular discrete kicking task. Four male participants practiced a soccer chipping task toExpand
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Measurement of body segment parameters using dual energy X-ray absorptiometry and three-dimensional geometry: an application in gait analysis.
Body segment parameters (BSP) are essential input for the computations in kinetics of motion applied in the field of biomechanics. These data are usually obtained from population-specific predictiveExpand
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Variation in Coordination of a Discrete Multiarticular Action as a Function of Skill Level
The authors investigated coordination modes that emerged as a function of the interaction between skill level and task constraints in a multiarticular kicking action. Five skilled, 5 intermediate,Expand
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Abstract The purpose of the study was to quantify the muscle torques required in the performance of an optimised Yurchenko layout vault based on a five‐segment rigid link model and using input dataExpand
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Organization of motor system degrees of freedom during the soccer chip: An analysis of skilled performance
This study investigated how motor system degrees of freedom were organized as skilled players performed a soccer chipping task. Using an intra-participant analysis, inter-individual kinematics andExpand
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Bat kinematics in Baseball: Implications for Ball Exit Velocity and Player Safety
Ball exit velocity (BEV) was measured from 17 experienced baseball hitters using wood and metal bats of similar length and mass but different moments of inertia. This research was conducted inExpand
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Dynamics of multi-articular coordination in neurobiological systems.
We present empirical evidence illustrating the dynamics of adaptive movement behavior in a range of multi-articular actions including kicking, throwing, hitting and balancing in the meta-stable region of self organising criticality. Expand
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Dynamic optimization: inverse analysis for the Yurchenko layout vault in women's artistic gymnastics.
The use of dynamic optimization to compute the trajectory of joint torques is not popular due to the large amount of computation required, the choice of initial "guesstimates" of torque values andExpand
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