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[Development of new in vitro chemosensitivity test using collagen gel droplet embedded culture and its clinical usefulness].
We developed a new in vitro assay for chemosensitivity test using collagen gel droplet embedded culture and image analysis. In this in vitro assay, we successfully minimized the cancer cell numberExpand
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Telopeptide‐depleted bovine skin collagen as a carrier for bone morphogenetic protein
The telopeptide of type I collagen is thought to be responsible for causing immunogenic response when introduced into xenogenic hosts. To eliminate this problem, solubilized bovine skin collagen wasExpand
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Periosteal bone formation elicited by partially purified bone morphogenetic protein.
A small amount of partially purified, water-soluble murine osteosarcoma-derived bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) was implanted into the dorsal muscles of mice in combination with calf skin gelatin orExpand
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Drug sensitivity test for primary culture of human cancer-cells using collagen gel embedded culture and image-analysis.
A new drug sensitivity assay method using the collagen gel embedded culture and image analysis was developed. Human cancer cells cultured in collagen gels showed extremely high cloning efficiency andExpand
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In vitro-in vivo correlation in anticancer drug sensitivity test using AUC-based concentrations and collagen gel droplet-embedded culture.
To improve the ability of an in vitro drug sensitivity test to predict in vivo effects, we applied a drug concentration that was pharmacokinetically equivalent to plasma levels and collagen gelExpand
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Productivity of thyroglobulin and thyroid hormone on human thyroid cell in collagen gel culture.
Thyroid cells obtained from 21 normal human thyroid tissue samples and 17 tissue samples from diseased thyroid, including one of Graves disease, 4 with follicular adenoma, 11 with papillaryExpand
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[Morphological study of human thyroid papillary carcinoma cells in collagen gel culture].
Human thyroid papillary carcinoma cells (surgical materials) were cultured in a monolayer or a collagen gel system. In the monolayer culture, degeneration and necrosis of cancer cells were observedExpand
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Morphological and functional differentiation of human thyroid cells in collagen gel culture.
OBJECTIVE Cultured human thyroid cells in collagen gel culture were examined on cell morphology and the production of thyroglobulin (Tg), triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) which are componentsExpand
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[Chemotherapy for metastatic brain tumors with CDDP and other agents: correlation between chemotherapeutic effects and the results of in vitro chemosensitivity tests using collagen gel-embedded
Chemotherapy with CDDP and/or other agents was performed in 15 patients after removal of metastatic brain tumors. A chemosensitivity test using a system of collagen gel-embedded culture andExpand
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