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Interactive effects of prey and weather on golden eagle reproduction
1. The reproduction of the golden eagle Aquila chrysaetos was studied in southwestern Idaho for 23 years, and the relationship between eagle reproduction and jackrabbit Lepus californicus abundance,Expand
Nesting of subadult golden eagles in Southwestern Idaho
Etude du succes nidificateur de subadultes d'Aquila chrysaetos, dans le sud-ouest de l'Idaho de 1970 a 1981 en fonction de divers facteurs de milieu
Nesting by Raptors and Common Ravens on Electrical Transmission Line Towers
Raptors and common ravens (Corvus corax) (hereafter called ravens) began nesting on towers along a 596-km segment of a 500-kV transmission line in southern Idaho and Oregon within 1 year of itsExpand
Effects of fire on golden eagle territory occupancy and reproductive success
We examined effects of fire on golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) territory occupancy and reproductive success in southwestern Idaho because wildfires since 1980 have resulted in large-scale losses ofExpand
Frequency of Nest Use by Golden Eagles in Southwestern Idaho
Abstract We studied nest use by Golden Eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) from 1966 to 2011 to assess nest reuse within territories, ascertain the length of time that elapses between uses of nests, and testExpand
Effects of Radiomarking on Prairie Falcons: Attachment Failures Provide Insights About Survival
Abstract From 1999–2002, we attached satellite-received platform transmitter terminals (PTTs) to 40 adult female prairie falcons (Falco mexicanus) on their nesting grounds in the Snake River Birds ofExpand
Temporal and spatial changes in golden eagle reproduction in relation to increased off highway vehicle activity
We used >40 years of data on golden eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) nesting in southwestern Idaho, USA, to assess whether the proportion of territories and pairs producing young has changed over time, andExpand
Migration Patterns, use of Stopover Areas, and Austral Summer Movements of Swainson's Hawks
Abstract. From 1995 to 1998, we tracked movements of adult Swainson's Hawks (Buteo swainsoni), using satellite telemetry to characterize migration, important stopover areas, and movements in theExpand