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Detecting bird sounds in a complex acoustic environment and application to bioacoustic monitoring
We describe novel algorithms for the detection of the vocalisations of two endangered bird species and show how these can be used in automatic habitat mapping. Expand
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Cytokine responses of human lung cells (BEAS-2B) treated with micron-sized and nanoparticles of metal oxides compared to soil dusts
BackgroundThe induction of cytokines by airway cells in vitro has been widely used to assess the effects of ambient and occupational particles. This study measured cytotoxicity and the release of theExpand
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Comparison of electromagnetic shielding effectiveness properties of diverse conductive textiles via various measurement techniques
Abstract The occasion of the electromagnetic interference (EMI) is essentially electrical, with unwanted electromagnetic emission being either radiated or conducted. The main goal of thisExpand
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Depth profiles of the kinetics of phosphatase activity in hardwater lakes of different trophic level
Over the course of a year, phosphatase activity (PA) was investigated in three lakes in the south of Bavaria, each with a different trophic level. The investigations took place every fortnight, usingExpand
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4-Quinolone alkaloids from Melochia odorata.
The methanol extract of Melochia odorata yielded three 4-quinolone alkaloids including waltherione A (1) and two new alkaloids, waltherione C (2) and waltherione D (3). Waltheriones A and C showedExpand
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Isolation of Pyrrolocins A–C: cis- and trans-Decalin Tetramic Acid Antibiotics from an Endophytic Fungal-Derived Pathway
Three new decalin-type tetramic acid analogues, pyrrolocins A (1), B (2), and C (3), were defined as products of a metabolic pathway from a fern endophyte, NRRL 50135, from Papua New Guinea. NRRLExpand
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Oxazinin A, a Pseudodimeric Natural Product of Mixed Biosynthetic Origin from a Filamentous Fungus
A racemic, prenylated polyketide dimer, oxazinin A (1), was isolated from a novel filamentous fungus in the class Eurotiomycetes, and its structure was elucidated spectroscopically. The pentacyclicExpand
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Tetrahdroxysqualene from Rhus taitensis shows antimycobacterial activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
Tuberculosis has become a major health problem, in particular with the emergence of extremely drug resistant tuberculosis (XDRTB). In our search for new therapeutic leads against TB, we isolated aExpand
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An ethnobotanical survey of medicinal plants used in the eastern highlands of Papua New Guinea
BackgroundThe Eastern Highlands area of Papua New Guinea (PNG) has a rich tradition of medicinal plant use. However, rapid modernization is resulting in the loss of independent language traditionsExpand
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Fabrication of conductive woven fabric and analysis of electromagnetic shielding via measurement and empirical equation
Abstract Copper wire and polyamide filaments used as core yarn were wrapped with polypropylene filaments. Identical yarn was utilized for warp and weft to obtain isotropic shielding behavior. SamplesExpand
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