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Identifying drivers for fishing pressure. A multidisciplinary study of trawl and sea snail fisheries in Samsun, Black Sea coast of Turkey
Abstract This study aims to investigate and model driving forces that lead to increased fishing pressure and an altered state of the environment in the coastal areas near Samsun on the Turkish BlackExpand
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The Influence of Dissolved Electrolytes on the Miscibility of Binary Liquid Systems with Closed Miscibility Gaps
The dependence of the upper and lower critical solution temperatures Tc of the systems (1) oxolane + water, and (2) 2-butoxyethanol + water on the mole fraction XEl of dissolved 1-1, 2-1, and 3-1Expand
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Psikolojik Güçlendirmenin Finansal Olmayan Performans Üzerindeki Etkileri
Bu arastirma psikolojik guclendirmenin orgutlerin finansal olmayan performansi uzerindeki etkilerinin incelenmesi amacini tasimaktadir. Arastirma saglik sektorunde hizmet veren bir isletmenin 70Expand
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Recently developed time-independent bound-state perturbation theory is extended to treat the scattering domain. The changes in the partial wave phase shifts are derived explicitly and the results areExpand
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Pro-C Completions Process of Crossed Squares and Some Relations
In this paper we will examine the Pro-C completion process of a crossed square. For a crossed square (L, M, N, P), we will determine the relation between the completion (L, M, N, P) and theExpand
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Near Ultrafilters and Luc-Compactification of Real Numbers
The histological structure and histochemistry of the mucosa of the nasal conchae in geese, Anser anser
Abstract We investigated the histological structure and histochemistry of the nasal conchae of geese and compared these structures with those of other avian species. The rostral, middle and caudalExpand
Using Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Mobile Network Verifications
This study presents the usage of unmanned aircraft for site survey and antenna pattern measurements in-situ in mobile networks. Expand