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The Oxford Companion to the Second World War
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Conquest, Foreign and Domestic, in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany
  • M. Knox
  • Sociology
  • The Journal of Modern History
  • 1 March 1984
Mussolini and Hitler have not been alone in emphasizing the common origins, features, and destinies of Fascism and National Socialism. Theories of "fascism"-that elusive generic phenomenon with aExpand
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The dynamics of military revolution 1300—2050: Thinking about revolutions in warfare
The term “revolution in military affairs” (RMA) became decidedly fashionable in the course of the 1990s. It lies at the heart of debates within the Pentagon over future strategy and has gainedExpand
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In the Duce's defence
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The dynamics of military revolution 1300—2050: Frontmatter
1. Introduction Williamson Murray and MacGregor Knox 2. 'As if a new sun had arisen': England's fourteenth-century RMA Clifford J. Rogers 3. Forging the Western army in seventeenth-century FranceExpand
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The making of strategy : rulers, states, and war
Introduction: on strategy Williamson Murray and Mark Grimsley 1. Athenian strategy in the Peloponnesian War Donald Kagan 2. The strategy of a warrior state: Rome and the wars against Carthage,Expand
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The Fascist Regime, its Foreign Policy and its Wars: An ‘Anti-Anti-Fascist’ Orthodoxy?
The de-legitimisation of the Italian political system that culminated in the upheavals of the late 1980s has permitted a very public re-examination of the meaning and significance of both the FascistExpand
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The dynamics of military revolution 1300—2050: Conclusion: The future behind us
The early Greek imagination envisaged the past and the present as in front of us – we can see them. The future, invisible, is behind us. … Paradoxical though it may sound to the modern ear, thisExpand
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The dynamics of military revolution 1300—2050: Mass politics and nationalism as military revolution: The French Revolution and after
[W]ar … again became the affair of the people as a whole, and took on an entirely different character, or rather approached its true character, its absolute perfection. —Carl von Clausewitz TheExpand
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Common Destiny: Dictatorship, Foreign Policy, and War in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany
  • M. Knox
  • Political Science
  • 12 June 2000
Introduction: war and revolution in Europe, 1789-1945 Part I. Origins and Dynamics: 1. Italy and Germany from unification to militant dictatorship, 1860-1933 2. Conquest, foreign and domestic, inExpand
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