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Effect of once-daily atenolol on ambulatory blood pressure.
  • M. Knapp
  • Medicine
  • British medical journal
  • 17 February 1979
GPs and surgeons are more acutely aware than any others in their community of the deep and lasting distress caused by the tragic deaths of these young people; and it is to be earnestly hoped that Parliament will take the authors' advice. Expand
Comparison between inulin and 51Cr-labelled edetic acid for the measurement of glomerular filtration-rate.
Compared with inulin, 51 Cr-E.D.T.A. significantly underestimates the glomerular filtration-rate, and it cannot yet be considered a suitable alternative to inulin for precise measurement of glomersular filTration- rate. Expand
Glomerular Filtration Rate
The sum of effects on a person arrested and charged for this serious offence while he is also suffering from a neurosis, or allied disease, may be disastrous, and one case of suicide has been recorded. Expand
Circadian variations in the signs and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and in the therapeutic effectiveness of flurbiprofen at different times of day.
It is suggested that morning stiffness in rheumatoid arthritis is not only the result of nocturnal inactivity, and may respond to appropriately timed medication given to decrease inflammation or to suppress other aspects of the immune response. Expand
Domiciliary self-measurement in the rheumatoid arthritis and the demonstration of circadian rhythmicity.
It is found that patients can measure their own grip strength and finger joint sizes at home, and simultaneously assess overall pain and stiffness on numerical scales, which have allowed the demonstration of circadian variations in the signs and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and improved the evaluation of drugs studied in clinical trials. Expand
Circadian variations in urine excretion in chronic renal failure.
Nocturia, in nineteen patients with chronic renal failure, was due to a change in the circadian pattern of urine flow; it is suggested that this results, at least in part, from an inability to respond normally to changes from recumbency to activity. Expand
Time of day of prednisolone administration in rheumatoid arthritis.
A single morning dose of prednisolone appears in many patients to be as effective as a single evening dose or divided doses, and it is reasonable to initiate therapy with a morning-only regimen, because adrenopituitary suppression should be minimised. Expand
Circadian variation in an immune response in man.
Under general anaesthetic the modified GIFD2 was introduced into the oesophagus with the condom alongside the endoscope, which was advanced to the gastric antrum, where the ball bearing was located.Expand
The time of day of antigen encounter influences the magnitude of the immune response.
It is demonstrated that phase reversal of the lighting regimen alters the proportions of lymphocytes present in rat blood at two clock times, one of which is the time of day at which the maximum immune response to oxazolone is initiated. Expand