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Comparison of Etest, chequerboard dilution and time-kill studies for the detection of synergy or antagonism between antifungal agents tested against Candida species.
Currently, there is considerable debate regarding the best in vitro method for testing antifungal combinations against Candida spp. In this study, we compared the results obtained by chequerboardExpand
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Postantifungal Effects of Echinocandin, Azole, and Polyene Antifungal Agents against Candida albicans andCryptococcus neoformans
ABSTRACT The postantifungal effect (PAFE) of fluconazole, MK-0991, LY303366, and amphotericin B was determined against isolates of Candida albicans and Cryptococcus neoformans. Concentrations rangingExpand
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Influence of Test Conditions on Antifungal Time-Kill Curve Results: Proposal for Standardized Methods
ABSTRACT This study was designed to examine the effects of antifungal carryover, agitation, and starting inoculum on the results of time-kill tests conducted with various Candida species. TwoExpand
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Antifungal pharmacodynamic characteristics of fluconazole and amphotericin B tested against Candida albicans.
Time-kill curves were determined for three isolates of Candida albicans tested against fluconazole and amphotericin B at multiples of the MIC. Fluconazole produced fungistatic activity, withExpand
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In Vitro Activity of Micafungin (FK-463) against Candida spp.: Microdilution, Time-Kill, and Postantifungal-Effect Studies
ABSTRACT We evaluated the in vitro activity of the new echinocandin antifungal micafungin against Candida spp. using microdilution and time-kill methods. Additionally, we examined the postantifungalExpand
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Levofloxacin and trovafloxacin: the next generation of fluoroquinolones?
The pharmacology, spectrum of activity, pharmacokinetics, clinical efficacy, and adverse effects of levofloxacin, recently approved by FDA, and trovafloxacin, currently undergoing clinical trials,Expand
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Osmitopsis asteriscoides (Asteraceae)-the antimicrobial activity and essential oil composition of a Cape-Dutch remedy.
The essential oil composition and antimicrobial activity of Osmitopsis asteriscoides, a medicinal plant used in traditional herbal preparations in South Africa has been investigated. Three differentExpand
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The composition and antimicrobial activity of the essential oil of the resurrection plant Myrothamnus flabellifolius
An investigation of the antibacterial and antifungal activity of Myrothamnus flabellifolius against eleven different pathogens showed inhibition of all micro-organisms except for SalmonellaExpand
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Unsafe and potentially safe herbal therapies.
Unsafe and potentially safe herbal therapies are discussed. The use of herbal therapies is on the rise in the United States, but most pharmacists are not adequately prepared educationally to meetExpand
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Disposition of ofloxacin in female New Zealand white rabbits.
Limited information exists regarding the disposition of ofloxacin in rabbits. Pharmacokinetic information is necessary for the design of appropriate therapeutic regimens for the treatment ofExpand
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