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Persistence of soil organic matter as an ecosystem property
Globally, soil organic matter (SOM) contains more than three times as much carbon as either the atmosphere or terrestrial vegetation. Yet it remains largely unknown why some SOM persists forExpand
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Dynamic molecular structure of plant biomass-derived black carbon (biochar).
Char black carbon (BC), the solid residue of incomplete combustion, is continuously being added to soils and sediments due to natural vegetation fires, anthropogenic pollution, and new strategies forExpand
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The contentious nature of soil organic matter
The exchange of nutrients, energy and carbon between soil organic matter, the soil environment, aquatic systems and the atmosphere is important for agricultural productivity, water quality andExpand
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A conceptual model of organo-mineral interactions in soils: self-assembly of organic molecular fragments into zonal structures on mineral surfaces
In this paper, we propose a structure for organo-mineral associations in soils based on recent insights concerning the molecular structure of soil organic matter (SOM), and on extensive publishedExpand
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Chapter One - Mineral–Organic Associations: Formation, Properties, and Relevance in Soil Environments
Abstract Minerals and organic matter (OM) may form intricate associations via myriad interactions. In soils, the associations of OM with mineral surfaces are mainly investigated because of their roleExpand
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Organo-mineral associations in temperate soils: Integrating biology, mineralogy, and organic matter chemistry
We summarize progress with respect to (1) different approaches to isolate, extract, and quantify organo-mineral compounds from soils, (2) types of mineral surfaces and associated interactions, (3)Expand
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Organic C and N stabilization in a forest soil: Evidence from sequential density fractionation
Abstract In mineral soil, organic matter (OM) accumulates mainly on and around surfaces of silt- and clay-size particles. When fractionated according to particle density, C and N concentration (per gExpand
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Review: organic matter removal from soils using hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, and disodium peroxodisulfate
We compare the performance of three most accepted reagents for organic matter removal: hydrogen peroxide (H 2 O 2 ), sodium hypochlorite (NaOCI) and disodium peroxodisulfate (Na 2 S 2 O 8 ). RemovalExpand
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Poorly crystalline mineral phases protect organic matter in acid subsoil horizons
Summary Soil minerals are known to influence the biological stability of soil organic matter (SOM). Our study aimed to relate properties of the mineral matrix to its ability to protect organic CExpand
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Water uptake in biochars: The roles of porosity and hydrophobicity
Abstract We assessed the effects of porosity and hydrophobicity on water uptake by biochars. Biochars were produced from two feedstocks (hazelnut shells and Douglas fir chips) at three productionExpand
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