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Petrify: A Tool for Manipulating Concurrent Specifications and Synthesis of Asynchronous Controllers (Special Issue on Asynchronous Circuit and System Design)
This paper provides an overview of petrify and the theory behind its main functions and shows how back-annotating to the specification level helps the designer to control the design process. Expand
Synthesis of synchronous elastic architectures
A formal specification of the protocol is defined and an efficient scheme for the implementation of elasticity that involves no datapath overhead is presented, opening up opportunities for microarchitectural design. Expand
Deriving Petri Nets for Finite Transition Systems
A novel method to derive a Petri net from any specification model that can be mapped into a state-based representation with arcs labeled with symbols from an alphabet of events (a Transition System, TS) by using the following three mechanisms. Expand
Logic Synthesis for Asynchronous Controllers and Interfaces
This book is devoted to logic synthesis and design techniques for asynchronous circuits. It uses the mathematical theory of Petri Nets and asynchronous automata to develop practical algorithmsExpand
Elastic Circuits
Synchronous and asynchronous elastic circuits can be designed, analyzed, and optimized using similar techniques, and choices between synchronous and asynchronous implementations are localized and deferred until late in the design process. Expand
Quick formal modeling of communication fabrics to enable verification
A richer set of microarchitectural primitives is identified that allows us to describe complete systems by composition alone and enables us to build models faster and to avoid common modeling errors. Expand
Automatic generation of inductive invariants from high-level microarchitectural models of communication fabrics
A new approach is explored where a model is captured at a high level of abstraction by requiring that it be described using a small set of well-defined microarchitectural primitives, and automatically strengthen some classes of properties in order to make them 1-step inductive and then use an rtl model checker to prove them. Expand
A Region-Based Algorithm for Discovering Petri Nets from Event Logs
The paper presents a new method for the synthesis of Petri nets from event logs in the area of Process Mining. The method derives a bounded Petri net that over-approximates the behavior of an eventExpand
Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling for shared resources in multicore processor designs
  • X. Chen, Zheng Xu, +5 authors R. Ayoub
  • Computer Science
  • 50th ACM/EDAC/IEEE Design Automation Conference…
  • 29 May 2013
Several new techniques for monitoring and control of networks-on-chip and last level caches in multicore processor designs, where the shared resources form a single voltage/frequency domain, are developed and validated. Expand
Verifying Deadlock-Freedom of Communication Fabrics
This work addresses liveness verification of communication fabrics described in the form of high-level microarchitectural models which use a small set of well-defined primitives and proves that under certain realistic restrictions, deadlock freedom can be reduced to unsatisfiability of a system of Boolean equations. Expand