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  • 1 January 1982
A paradox for evolutionists has been the development in one sex, usually females, of preferences for mates possessing characters that impair survival. Darwin (187 1) extensively documented cases ofExpand
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Sexual selection and the evolutionary effects of copying mate choice
We examine the evolutionary consequences of copying mate choice using models in which the preferences of younger females are affected by the mate choices that they observe older females making. WeExpand
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Effect of spacing presentations on retention of a paired associate over short intervals.
3 experiments varying the interval between 2 presentations of paired associates were reported. Other pairs filled the spacing and retention intervals. Pairs consisting of a word and a number as wellExpand
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The Evolution of Mate Choice Copying by Indirect Selection
A two-locus, two-allele population genetic model is used to study whether an allele for mate choice copying can become fixed in a population when it has no direct fitness benefit and there isExpand
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Quadriplegics can work.
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Bibliography of atomic and molecular processes, 1983
This annotated bibliography includes papers on atomic and molecular processes published during 1983. Sources include scientific journals, conference proceedings, and books. Each entry is designatedExpand
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