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How to use the nominal group and Delphi techniques
Introduction The Nominal Group Technique (NGT) and Delphi Technique are consensus methods used in research that is directed at problem-solving, idea-generation, or determining priorities. WhileExpand
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Outcomes of a randomized controlled trial of a clinical pharmacy intervention in 52 nursing homes.
AIMS To evaluate whether a year long clinical pharmacy program involving development of professional relationships, nurse education on medication issues, and individualized medication reviews couldExpand
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Using the Nominal Group Technique: how to analyse across multiple groups
Abstract The nominal group technique (NGT) is a method to elicit healthcare priorities. Yet, there is variability on how to conduct the NGT, and limited guidance on how to analyse a diverse sample ofExpand
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Burden of treatment for chronic illness: a concept analysis and review of the literature
Treatment burden, the burden associated with the treatment and management of chronic illness, has not yet been well articulated.
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'You say treatment, I say hard work': treatment burden among people with chronic illness and their carers in Australia.
The aim of this study was to explore treatment burden among people with a variety of chronic conditions and comorbidities and their unpaid carers. The burden of living with ongoing chronic illnessExpand
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Patient-Centered Approaches to Health Care
There is growing interest in patient-centered care, but there is little guidance about the interventions required for its delivery and whether it leads to better health outcomes. This systematicExpand
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Multidisciplinary case conference reviews: improving outcomes for nursing home residents, carers and health professionals
Aim of study: This study sought to determine whether multidisciplinary case conference reviews improved outcomes for nursing home residents, and the effects of this team approach to resident care onExpand
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Treatment Burden and Chronic Illness: Who is at Most Risk?
BackgroundThere is a need to ascertain the type and level of treatment burden experienced by people with co-morbidities. This is important to identify the characteristics of participants who are atExpand
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Community pharmacy in Australia: a health hub destination of the future.
BACKGROUND Rates of chronic illness are rising in Australia and as medications are frequently used in the management of a range of chronic conditions, community pharmacists are in an ideal positionExpand
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Medication prescribing and administration in nursing homes
Objective: to examine the key determinants of pharmaco-epidemiology in Australian nursing homes. Design: a cross-sectional survey of medication use in 998 residents in 15 nursing homes in SouthernExpand
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