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Roles of cottony hairs in directed seed dispersal in riparian willows
Willows usually establish on wet substrates with fine sediments at sites that are created by large disturbances, but suitable microsites are spatially and temporally limited. Thus, we hypothesizedExpand
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Hardwood recruitment into conifer plantations in Japan: Effects of thinning and distance from neighboring hardwood forests
Abstract Conservation of plant species diversity in managed and natural forests is a concern worldwide. To clarify the effects of thinning and distance from neighboring hardwood forests on hardwoodExpand
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A Bidirectional- and Multi-Drop-Transmission-Line Interconnect for Multipoint-to-Multipoint On-Chip Communications
This paper investigates a bidirectional- and multi-drop-transmission-line interconnect for on-chip high-speed networks that have big impact in chip performances. Point-to-point on-chip transmissionExpand
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Roles of thinning intensity in hardwood recruitment and diversity in a conifer, Criptomeria japonica plantation: A 5-year demographic study
Abstract To evaluate the role of thinning intensity in increasing hardwood diversity in managed coniferous forests, we investigated the effects of environmental changes caused by thinning on theExpand
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Flowering system of heterodichogamous Juglans ailanthifolia
To determine the sex-expression of Juglans ailanthifolia, we monitored its flowering phenology for 3 years in two natural populations and observed the following four mating types: protogyny,Expand
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A 6.5-mW 5-Gbps On-Chip Differential Transmission Line Interconnect with a Low-Latency Asymmetric Tx in a 180nm CMOS Technology
This paper proposes an on-chip differential- transmission-line (DTL) interconnect to reduce delay and power consumption in long global interconnects. The DTL interconnect can transmit signals at nearExpand
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Grain size effect on high-temperature fatigue properties of alloy718
Abstract High-temperature fatigue properties of Alloy718 with different grain sizes were investigated. For the coarse-grain alloy, the fatigue strength notably decreased beyond 105 cycles. TheExpand
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Landslide-facilitated species diversity in a beech-dominant forest
To evaluate the extent to which landslides affect community dynamics and consequent species diversity in a beech-dominated forest, differences in the composition and size structure of tree speciesExpand
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High-temperature fatigue properties of austenitic superalloys 718, A286 and 304L
Abstract High-temperature fatigue properties of austenitic superalloys 718, A286, and 304L were investigated in region between 10 2 and 10 7 cycles. The alloys 718 and A286 areExpand
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