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Contribution of plant-derived carbon to soil microbial biomass dynamics in a paddy rice microcosm
Abstract. An understanding of the microbial biomass dynamics in rice paddies is essential for managing their nutrient and C cycling. Our objectives were to determine whether the seasonal dynamics of
Input and distribution of photosynthesized carbon in a flooded rice soil
[1] Photosynthesis by terrestrial vegetations is the driving force for the C cycling between Earth and the atmosphere. To evaluate the impacts of photosynthates on the dynamics of soil organic matter
Itokawa Dust Particles: A Direct Link Between S-Type Asteroids and Ordinary Chondrites
Laboratory analysis of samples returned from an asteroid establishes a direct link between asteroids and meteorites and provides clues to the complex history of the asteroid and its surface. The
Primordial oxygen isotope reservoirs of the solar nebula recorded in chondrules in Acfer 094 carbonaceous chondrite
Abstract Highly precise and accurate ion microprobe analyses of oxygen three-isotope ratios in chondrules from the Acfer 094, one of the most primitive carbonaceous chondrites, show that chondrules
Genetic evidence for the effect of a postglacial population expansion on the phylogeography of a North American songbird
Support is provided for the Pleistocene expansion hypothesis in MacGillivray's warbler and it is suggested that postglacial expansion of bottlenecked populations is responsible for the lack of variation and structure reported for most North American songbird species.
Ecology of viruses in soils: Past, present and future perspectives
Past research on viruses in soils is summarized after the introduction of the ecological traits of viruses, which are the effects of viruses on beneficial bacteria and soil-borne plant pathogens, adsorption of viruses to soils, and soil factors affecting viral inactivation and survival in soils.