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Masculinity as homophobia: Fear, shame and silence in the construction of gender identity.
In this article, I explore this social and historical construction of both hegemonic masculinity and alternate masculinities, with an eye toward offering a new theoretical model of American manhood.Expand
“Gender Symmetry” in Domestic Violence
Despite numerous studies that report the preponderance of domestic violence is perpetrated by men against women, other empirical studies suggest that rates of domestic violence by women and men areExpand
The gendered society
Thoroughly updated throughout, the fourth edition of The Gendered Society explores current thinking about gender, both inside academia and in our everyday lives. Michael Kimmel challenges the claimExpand
Adolescent Masculinity, Homophobia, and Violence
Since 1982, there have been 28 cases of random school shootings in American high schools and middle schools. The authors find (a) that the shootings were not a national problem but a series of localExpand
Abstract Hooking up, or sexual activity outside of a committed relationship, has become the normative form of intimacy on American college campuses. Much research has focused on the extent of hookingExpand
Changing men : new directions in research on men and masculinity
Rethinking 'Masculinity' - Michael S Kimmel New Directions in Research PART ONE: REFORMULATING THE MALE ROLE The Structure of Male Role Norms - Edward Thompson and Joseph Pleck The Embodiment ofExpand
Sexual violence in three pornographic media: Toward a sociological explanation
This study measures the sexually violent content in magazine, video, and Usenet (Internet newsgroup) pornography. Specifically, the level of violence, the amount of consensual and nonconsensualExpand
Seeing Privilege Where It Isn’t: Marginalized Masculinities and the Intersectionality of Privilege
When discussing privilege, we often consider it a zero-sum quantity, one either has it or one does not. Since privilege is distributed along a range of axes, we consider three sites in which maleExpand
Revolution and Rebellion in the Early Modern World.
What can the great crises of the past teach us about contemporary revolutions? Arguing from an exciting and original perspective, Goldstone suggests that great revolutions were the product ofExpand