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A Human Rights Approach to Counter-Terrorism
This paper deals with humane methods to suppress terrorist activities and promote international human rights.
Evolving Property Rights in China: Patterns and Dynamics of Condominium Governance
This article investigates the development of private property law in the People’s Republic of China through the lens of condominium governance in urban China. It assesses the vitality of these
War on the International Criminal Court
This article details the Bush administrations efforts to curtail the effectiveness of the International Criminal Court and its possible motives for taking such steps.
Universalism and Human Rights in the 21st Century
Abstract This article will examine not only the issue of cultural relativism versus universal human rights, but it will also review the historical and intellectual content, the tradition of both
The Emergence of Private Property Law in China and Its Impact on Human Rights
This article explores the implications for, and development of, private property law in the PRC and its connection to the growth of the nascent Chinese human rights system. It evaluates the vitality
The cost of denial
The politics of prevention