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Growth and immunity of broiler chicks as affected by dietary arginine.
A dietary deficiency of Arg may suppress chick immune system functions; however, research evaluating immune function responsiveness of commercial broilers fed dietary Arg levels near NRC (1994)Expand
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Dietary glycine needs of broiler chicks.
Dietary Gly might become a limiting factor in all-vegetable diets fed to broiler chicks when low CP is formulated in combination with marginal levels of dietary Thr and Ser. A study was conducted toExpand
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Digestible and metabolizable energy of crude glycerol for growing pigs.
The apparent DE and ME values of crude glycerol for growing pigs were determined in 5 experiments using crude glycerol (86.95% glycerol) from a biodiesel production facility, which used soybean oilExpand
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Dietary interactions between lysine and threonine in broilers.
Two experiments were conducted to evaluate the effects of two dietary levels of lysine and four dietary levels of threonine in a factorial arrangement on broiler growth, carcass traits, and immunity.Expand
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Digestible and metabolizable energy content of crude glycerin originating from different sources in nursery pigs.
The energy value of crude glycerin from different biodiesel production facilities was determined in nursery pigs (initial BW of 10.4 kg) to predict apparent DE and ME based on the composition ofExpand
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Nitrogen-corrected apparent metabolizable energy value of crude glycerol for laying hens.
An experiment was conducted with laying hens to determine the AME(n) value of crude glycerol, a coproduct of biodiesel production. Crude glycerol (87% glycerol, 9% water, 0.03% methanol, 1.26% Na,Expand
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Effect of amino acid injection in broiler breeder eggs on embryonic growth and hatchability of chicks.
Two experiments were conducted to evaluate the effect of amino acid (AA) injections in ovo in Cobb broiler breeder eggs on hatchability and subsequent chick BW. In Experiment 1, moisture, crude fatExpand
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Apparent metabolizable energy of glycerin for broiler chickens.
Three energy balance experiments were conducted to determine AMEn of glycerin using broiler chickens of diverse ages. In experiment 1, two dietary treatments were fed from 4 to 11 d of age. DietaryExpand
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L-Threonine for Poultry: A Review
Abstract The costs of protein and energy have fluctuated dramatically for the feed industry during the last few years. As a consequence, feed formulation practices are directed toward economicExpand
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Dietary Threonine Needs for Growth and Immunity of Broilers Raised Under Different Litter Conditions
Abstract Two studies were conducted simultaneously and evaluated the Thr needs of male Ross × Ross 708 broilers. Broilers in the 2 studies were reared under 2 litter conditions: new (NL) vs. usedExpand
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