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Composition of the lipids and carbohydrates of the seeds ofAmaranthus caudatus
The chemical composition of the seed lipids ofAmaranthus caudatus L. has been investigated. The fatty acid compositions of the neutral lipids and of the phospho- and glycolipids have been determined.Expand
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Carbohydrates from Ajuga turkestanica
Two species of Ajuga grow in Uzbekistan. Of these, we studied A. turkestanica Rgl. (Labiatae). The aerial part of the plant is a source of biologically active compounds such as ecdysteroids [1] andExpand
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Carbohydrates of the fruit ofRosa canina
It is known that rose fruit contains biologically active compounds (vitamins B 2, C, K, and P, carotene, organic adds, flavonoids, and tannin substances), which are responsible for healing propertiesExpand
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Isolation of beet pectin on solid-phase fermentation
Beet pectin has been isolated by the solid phase fermentation method; its physicochemical characteristics are given.
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Carbohydrate components ofPlatanus orientalis
On the territory of Central Asia, the genus Platanus L., fam. Platanaceae, is represented by four species [1]. The most widespread of them is P. orientalis L. (oriental plane), which reaches a heightExpand
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Modification of the solubility of benzimidazole drugs on mechanical treatment with pectins
The change in the solubility of some benzimidazole drugs on their mechanical treatment with pectins has been investigated. It has been shown that the rate of desorption of a drug depends both on itsExpand
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Lipids and Carbohydrates from Althaea nudiflora and A. armeniaca Roots
Lipids from roots ofAlthaea nudifloraandA. Armeniacawere studied. The carbohydrate and fatty-acid compositions were found. The lipids ofA. NudifloraandA. Armeniacacontain 22.3 and 12.6%,Expand
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[The vaccinal prophylaxis of hepatitis B among children born to mothers with persistent HBs-antigenemia].
In Uzbekistan and Moldova 542 children born of HBsAg carriers were immunized against hepatitis B (with vaccine Engerix B according to the immunization schedule of 4 injections). Anti-HBs antibodiesExpand
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Carbohydrates ofCalendula officinalis
Pot marigold Calendula officinalis is used in folk medicine and is approved for use in scientific medicine [1], and it is also a source of food dyes. An alcoholic extract of an infusion of theExpand
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Carbohydrates of allium. V. Glucofructans ofAllium cepa
Subsequent extraction with water, elimination of protein by Sevag's method [i], and precipitation with acetone gave the WSPSs (12% on the absolutely dry raw material). They consisted of a whiteExpand
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