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Velocity and pressure-based partitions of horizontal and vertical trajectories for on-line signature verification
In general, shape of an on-line signature is used as a single discriminating feature. Sometimes shape of signature is used alone for verification purposes and sometimes it is used in combination withExpand
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Velocity-Image Model for Online Signature Verification
In general, online signature capturing devices provide outputs in the form of shape and velocity signals. In the past, strokes have been extracted while tracking velocity signal minimas. However, theExpand
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Coronary angiogram image enhancement using decimation-free directional filter banks
The detection and enhancement of coronary arterial trees (CATs) in an angiogram image is an important preprocessing task that greatly reduces the stress on further processing such as 3DExpand
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On-Line Signature Verification by Exploiting Inter-Feature Dependencies
The traditional on-line signature verification process involves use of various dynamic features such as velocity, pressure, acceleration, angles, etc. The idea is to device a composite vectorExpand
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Effect of Herbicides and Row Spacing on the Growth and Yield of Pea
To investigate the effect of herbicides and row spacing on growth and yield of pea (Pisum sativum L.), a field experiment was performed at the Horticulture Research Farm, Agricultural UniversityExpand
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On-Line Signature Verification Using 1-D Velocity-Based Directional Analysis
In this paper, we propose a novel approach for identity verification based on the directional analysis of velocity-based partitions of an on-line signature. First, inter-feature dependencies in aExpand
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Processing of thermoset prepregs for high-volume applications and their numerical analysis using superimposed finite elements
Prepreg compression moulding (PCM) potentially fulfils the requirements for high-volume applications of structural thermoset composites. Preforming of thermoset prepregs is a first step in PCMExpand
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Public parks provide opportunities to enrich the quality of life for person of all ages and abilities. Parks are the key contributor to the aesthetic and physical quality of the surroundings. In theExpand
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Endothelial Cell Image Enhancement using Non-subsampled Image Pyramid
A corneal endothelial cell image provides vast amount of information about a human eye. The cell density and cell shape parameters of a given endothelial cell image help opthamologists in making maExpand
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Signature Verification using Velocity-based Directional Filter Bank
An on-line signature can be characterized with the help of its shape profile and dynamic characteristics. Shape and dynamics are both complementary aspects of a genuine signature. Their relationshipExpand
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