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A quantitative reassessment of the finance-growth nexus: evidence from a multivariate VAR
Abstract The long-run relationship between financial development and economic growth is examined in a multivariate vector autoregression (VAR) framework using 10 sample countries. DifficultiesExpand
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Financial structure and economic growth
Recent empirical work on financial structure and economic growth analyzes multi-country dataset in panel and/or cross-section frameworks and concludes that financial structure is irrelevant. WeExpand
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Triadic Patent Families Methodology
Patent indicators – within the science and technology (S&T) context – are used to measure inventive performance, diffusion of knowledge and internationalisation of innovative activities – acrossExpand
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Sources of Knowledge and Productivity: How Robust is the Relationship?
We estimate domestic productivity relationships for a sample of 16 OECD countries through probably the most general specification yet. We identify ten key determinants of productivity - all derivedExpand
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Are International R&D Spillovers Costly for the United States?
Coe and Helpman, among others, report positive and equivalent R&D spillovers across groups of countries. However, the nature of their econometric tests does not address the heterogeneity of knowledgeExpand
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On the robustness of R&D
Alternative models of productivity predict a range of its determinants besides that of research and development (R&D). We investigate the robustness of R&D vis-à-vis a dozen productivity determinantsExpand
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Global Overview of Innovative Activities from the Patent Indicators Perspective
This paper provides an overview of innovative activities across a wide range of OECD member and non-member countries, based on international comparable patent indicators. Patent data are frequentlyExpand
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Financial development, structure and growth: New data, method and results
The existing weight of evidence suggests that financial structure (the classification of a financial system as bank-based versus market-based) is irrelevant for economic growth. This contradicts theExpand
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Exploring the worldwide patent surge
Worldwide patent filings are at historically unprecedented levels. In 2011, the total number of patent applications for the first time exceeded two million – double the approximately 1.05 millionExpand
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Basic, Applied and Experimental Knowledge and Productivity: Further Evidence
Analyzing a novel dataset we find significantly positive effects of basic, and applied and experimental knowledge stocks on domestic output and productivity for a panel of 10 OECD countries. ThisExpand
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