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Waffle slabs, also known as two-way ribbed flat slabs, are being used increasingly in modern construction to reduce dead weight and ensure efficient lateral distribution of loads. This paper presentsExpand
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Acetaminophen‐induced liver injury is mediated by the ion channel TRPV4
Overdosing of the analgesic acetaminophen (APAP) is one of the most common causes for acute liver failure in modern countries. Although the exact molecular mechanisms mediating hepatocellularExpand
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Saving/damning non‐Muslims through translation
Though most Muslims do not consider translations of the Qur'an to be equivalent to the Arabic original, the overwhelming majority of believers do not understand Arabic and must rely on translators'Expand
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Islam, Salvation and the Fate of Others
A Closer Look at the Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Western Obsession with the Medieval Muslim Theological Obsession with Anthropomorphism
ABSTRACT Anthropomorphism is a topic that has attracted much attention from both medieval Muslim theologians and modern Western scholars. By examining the development of the medieval MuslimExpand
The New Atheism
Beginning with the publication of Sam Harris's The End of Faith in 2004, the figures who have come to be widely known as the New Atheists have produced a series of bestselling books and films thatExpand