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Raman Spectroscopy detects changes in Bone Mineral Quality and Collagen Cross-linkage in Staphylococcus Infected Human Bone
Diagnosis of osteomyelitis presents a formidable challenge. Lack of pathognomonic clinical sign(s) and diagnostic tests that can diagnose osteomyelitis at an early stage contribute to thisExpand
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Adsorption of S on the (1 1 1) surfaces of the noble metals Ag and Au studied by direct recoiling spectroscopy
Abstract In this work we present a study of the adsorption of S on the surfaces of the noble metals Au(1 1 1) and Ag(1 1 1) by ion scattering performed in the forward direction. Low energy electronExpand
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An Insight on Malankholia ( Melancholia ) : Unani Perspective
Malankholia (Melancholia) has been defined as a disorder in which the mental functions are deranged and the afflicted person is more prone towards constant grief, fear and dubious aggression and theExpand
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Should bone densitometry define osteoporosis in 2020? A current concepts review of the role of vibrational spectroscopy in the evaluation of bone health
Bone mineral density (BMD) is the most widely used parameter for measuring bone strength. Indeed, the World Health Organization definition of osteoporosis is based solely on the BMD as measured byExpand