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Food, Feed, Fibre, Fuel and Industrial Products of the Future: Challenges and Opportunities. Understanding the Strategic Potential of Plant Genetic Engineering
Plants and plant crops have always been, and will continue to be, of vital importance for humankind. They are an essential source of food, feed, raw materials, energy and pleasure. One of the mainExpand
Metabolic rate of the insect brain in relation to body size and phylogeny
Abstract 1. 1. The respiratory rate of isolated brains from 36 different species of insects, belonging to 6 separate orders, was determined in order to ascertain whether or not poikilotherms exhibitExpand
Brain Aging in Insects
In insects the crucial role of the CNS in developmental processes is well established; however, it is an open question whether the brain also governs the aging processes. Expand
Age affects the mebatolic rate of insect brain
  • M. Kern, G. Wegener
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Mechanisms of Ageing and Development
  • 1 December 1984
In female blowflies the oxygen uptake of the brain is age dependent and changes are accompanied by alterations of mitochondrial structure and deposits of lipofuscin-like material. Expand
Utilization of glucose and proline in the brain of adult insects
It is found that 14CO2 production from labelled glucose and proline in brains of insects seems to be correlated with the metabolic rate of these organs. Expand
Impacts of chemical crop protection applications on related CO(2) emissions and CO(2) assimilation of crops.
The results highlight the importance of the positive yield effects of the CPP programme applications on the farm, resulting in additional assimilated biomass at the farm level and less land use changes at the global level, and thus lower pressure on environmentally important indicators of overall agricultural sustainability. Expand
Cyclohexylamino and alkoxy-nitrogen heterocycles, to processes for their preparation and their use as pesticides and fungicides
The invention concerns compounds of the formula Ar-X-E-Q in which Ar is optionally substituted 4-pyridyl or 4-pyrimidinyl; X is NH, O, S, So or SO2; E is a bond or alkanediyl; and Q is substitutedExpand
The following are important factors in the future development of agrotechnologies - the development of the world population, advancements with regard to education, progress in food production systemsExpand
4-haloalkyl-3-heterocyclylpyridine and 4-haloalkyl-5-heterocyclylpyrimidine, processes for their preparation, compositions containing them and their use as pesticides
The invention relates to 4-haloalkyl-3-heterocyclylpyridines and 4-haloalkyl-5-heterocyclylpyridines of general formula (I), to a method for the production thereof, to agents containing the same andExpand
The DNA-®evolution of Agriculture
By 2050, world food, feed, and biofuels requirements will more than double as a result of population growth, dramatically changing consumption patterns, food losses, food waste and increasing demandExpand