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An Introduction to the Bootstrap
15 Empirical Bayes Method, 2nd edition J.S. Maritz and T. Lwin (1989) Symmetric Multivariate and Related Distributions K.-T. Fang, S. Kotz and K. Ng (1989) Ieneralized Linear Models, 2nd edition P.Expand
Small sample inference for fixed effects from restricted maximum likelihood.
A scaled Wald statistic is presented, together with an F approximation to its sampling distribution, that is shown to perform well in a range of small sample settings and has the advantage that it reproduces both the statistics and F distributions in those settings where the latter is exact. Expand
Multiple imputation for missing data in epidemiological and clinical research: potential and pitfalls
The appropriate use and reporting of the multiple imputation approach to dealing with missing data is described by Jonathan Sterne and colleagues. Expand
Distributed lag non-linear models
A modelling framework that can simultaneously represent non-linear exposure–response dependencies and delayed effects, based on the definition of a ‘cross-basis’, which is implemented in the package dlnm within the statistical environment R. Expand
Informative Drop‐Out in Longitudinal Data Analysis
A model is proposed for continuous longitudinal data with non-ignorable or informative drop-out (ID). The model combines a multivariate linear model for the underlying response with a logisticExpand
Design and Analysis of Cross-Over Trials
Abstract This chapter provides an overview of recent developments in the design and analysis of cross-over trials. We first consider the analysis of the trial that compares two treatments, A and B,Expand
Multiple Imputation and its Application
The issues raised by missing data are clarified, the rationale for MI is outlined, the relationship between the various imputation models and associated algorithms are described, and how to consider and address the issues that arise in its application are described. Expand
Missing Data in Clinical Studies
Preface. Acknowledgements. I Preliminaries. 1 Introduction. 1.1 From Imbalance to the Field of Missing Data Research. 1.2 Incomplete Data in Clinical Studies. 1.3 MAR, MNAR, and Sensitivity Analysis.Expand
Smoking cessation support delivered via mobile phone text messaging (txt2stop): a single-blind, randomised trial
The txt2stop smoking cessation programme significantly improved smoking cessation rates at 6 months and should be considered for inclusion in smoking cessation services. Expand