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A Qualitative Exploration of Participant Motives Among Committed Amateur Triathletes
This study explored motivations of amateur triathletes using an interpretive approach. In-depth interviews were conducted with 21 triathletes in two Australian east coast states. Data wereExpand
Competing priorities as constraints in event travel careers
An event travel career is a potentially lifelong pattern of travel to events linked with an individual’s preferred leisure activity. This paper applies the concept of an event travel career toExpand
Strategic alliances in sport tourism: National sport organisations and sport tour operators
This qualitative case study provides a sport-oriented perspective of sport tourism. It examines a strategic alliance between an Australian national sport organisation (NSO), the Australian RugbyExpand
Sport event legacy: A systematic quantitative review of literature
Abstract The study of sport event legacies has grown rapidly since 2000 across a number of disciplines related to planning and hosting large-scale sport events. However, to date, there have beenExpand
Global sports policy
I can't do everything! competing priorities as constraints in triathlon event travel careers
The term “event travel career” describes how highly involved and/or committed persons pursue a career of travel to organized events linked to their preferred leisure activity. The introduction ofExpand
Costs and Perseverance in Serious Leisure Careers
Few studies have explored the impacts of costs on serious leisure careers. This article presents a case study of amateur athletes encountering a significant cost—cancellation of the 2012 Ironman NewExpand
Introduction to the Special Issue Active Sport Tourism
When scholarly and industry interest turned to sport tourism in the 1990s, there was some consensus on the existence of two types of tourism associated with sport: active and passive (Standeven & DeExpand
A systematic quantitative literature review of empirical research on large-scale sport events’ social legacies
ABSTRACT The potential to realise social legacies through hosting large-scale sport events has gained saliency in policy and academic contexts over the last decade. However, social legacies, such asExpand
Constraint Negotiation in Serious Leisure
Abstract This paper explores strategies employed by amateur triathletes engaged in serious leisure to negotiate leisure constraints. In-depth interviews were conducted with 21 Australian triathletes,Expand