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Antifertility effects of Embelia ribes Burm.
Results of studies in female rats of the antifertility effect of Embelia ribes berries its various extracts and embelin the putative active principle are reported; however no dose-duration effect was observed. Expand
Antifertility effects of the fruits of Piper longum in female rats.
A Rapid Bio-Analytical Method for Simultaneous Quantification of Boeravinone B and Eupalitin-3O-Β-D-Galactopyranoside from Boerhaavia Diffusa Using LC-MS / MS *
Today people are more dependent on herbal drugs with over 80 percent of the world population relying on the traditional systems of medicine, largely plant based, for treatment of several acuteExpand
High performance thin layer chromatographic method for the quantification of lupeol in bark powder of Bauhinia variegata linn
B.variegata Linn. (Caesalpiniaceae) is a medium sized deciduous tree found in the Sub-Himalayan tract and Outer Himalayas of the Punjab, Kumaon, Sikkim ,India, Burma, China[1]. The bark is used forExpand
Simultaneous determination of -sitosterol and lupeol from Scoparia dulcis L. by high-performance liquid chromatography
P.A.Champanerkar1*, V.V.Vaidya1, N.J.Rane1, M.B.Kekare2, P.N.Pabrekar3 Dept. of Chemistry, Ramnarain Ruia College, Matunga (E), Mumbai-400 019, Maharashtra, (INDIA) Dept. of Chemistry, Kirti College,Expand