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Identifying Software Project Risks: An International Delphi Study
We use a rigorous data collection method called a "ranking-type" Delphi survey to produce a rank-order list of common risk factors for software risk management. Expand
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Pulling the Plug: Software Project Management and the Problem of Project Escalation
  • M. Keil
  • Computer Science
  • MIS Q.
  • 1 December 1995
Using a model of escalation based on the literature, a case study of IT project escalation is discussed and analyzed. Expand
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A framework for identifying software project risks
We report the results of a Delphi study in which experienced software project managers identified and ranked the most important risks. Expand
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Testing the technology acceptance model across cultures: A three country study
This study compares the TAM model across three different countries: Japan; Switzerland; and the United States. Expand
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A Cross-Cultural Study on Escalation of Commitment Behavior in Software Projects
This study examines the level of sunk cost together with the risk propensity and risk perception of decision makers together with matching laboratory experiments carried out in three cultures (Finland, Netherlands, and Singapore). Expand
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How Software Project Risk Affects Project Performance: An Investigation of the Dimensions of Risk and an Exploratory Model
We show that social subsystem risk influences technical subsystem risk, which, in turn, influences the level of project management risk, and ultimately, project performance. Expand
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Control in Internal and Outsourced Software Projects
We show that controllers attempt greater use of control mechanisms in outsourced projects relative to internal projects, yet controls enhance systems development performance in internal projects. Expand
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Why Software Projects Escalate: An Empirical Analysis and Test of Four Theoretical Models
Software projects can often spiral out of control to become "runaway systems" that far exceed budget and schedule projections. Expand
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Understanding software project risk: a cluster analysis
We examined the influence of project scope, sourcing practices, and strategic orientation on project risk dimensions. Expand
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Understanding Digital Inequality: Comparing Continued Use Behavioral Models of the Socio-Economically Advantaged and Disadvantaged
Digital inequality is one of the most critical issues in the knowledge economy. Expand
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