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The Career Decisions of Young Men
This paper provides structural estimates of a dynamic model of schooling, work, and occupational choice decisions based on 11 years of observations on a sample of young men from the 1979 youth cohortExpand
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The Generalized Multinomial Logit Model: Accounting for Scale and Coefficient Heterogeneity
The mixed or heterogeneous multinomial logit (MIXL) model has become popular in a number of fields, especially marketing, health economics, and industrial organization. Expand
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Decision-Making Under Uncertainty: Capturing Dynamic Brand Choice Processes in Turbulent Consumer Goods Markets
We construct two models of the behavior of consumers in an environment where there is uncertainty about brand attributes. In our models, both usage experience and advertising exposure give consumersExpand
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The Effect of Parental Transfers and Borrowing Constraints On Educational Attainment
A strong positive association between one's school attainment and that of one's parents has been consistently documented in numerous empirical studies. Expand
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Intertemporal Labor Supply and Human Capital Accumulation
We solve and estimate a dynamic model that allows agents to optimally choose their labor hours and consumption and that allows for both human capital accumulation and savings. Estimation results andExpand
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A Structural Model of Multiple Welfare Program Participation and Labor Supply
Work on estimating the labor supply effects of high marginal tax rates in welfare programs has been hindered by the difficulty of estimating the effects of participation in multiple welfare programsExpand
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Labor Supply and Taxes: A Survey
I survey the male and female labor supply literatures, focusing on implications for effects of wages and taxes. For males, I describe and contrast results from three basic types of model: staticExpand
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Testing the Rationality of Price Forecasts: New Evidence from Panel Data
This paper tests the rationality of individual price forecasts in a panel of professional forecasters. Here, unlike in most previous studies, rationality is not rejected. The results here differExpand
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Sources of Advantageous Selection: Evidence from the Medigap Insurance Market
We provide evidence of advantageous selection in the Medigap insurance market and analyze its sources. Conditional on controls for Medigap prices, those with Medigap spend, on average, $4,000 less onExpand
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Child Care Choices and Children’s Cognitive Achievement: The Case of Single Mothers
We evaluate the effect of child care versus maternal time inputs on child cognitive development using single mothers from the NLSY79. To deal with nonrandom selection of children into child care, weExpand
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