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Motivation in Physical Activity Contexts: The Relationship of Perceived Motivational Climate to Intrinsic Motivation and Self-Efficacy
This study examined the relationship between perceived motivational climate and intrinsic motivation and self-efficacy and determined the role of goal orientation and perceived motivational climateExpand
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Moral Functioning in Sport: An Achievement Goal Perspective
This study examined the role of achievement goals on indices of moral functioning (i.e., moral judgment, intention and behavior), unsportsmanlike attitudes, and judgments about the legitimacy ofExpand
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Correlates of achievement goal orientations in physical activity: A systematic review of research
There has been a plethora of studies in the past decade investigating task and ego achievement goal orientations in physical activity settings and how they might be associated with various cognitive,Expand
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Participation in Sport and Moral Functioning: Does Ego Orientation Mediate Their Relationship?
This study examined whether participation in contact sports influences moral functioning within the sport context, and whether these effects are mediated by ego orientation; the role of taskExpand
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Moral behaviour in sport: a critical review of the literature
The moral domain comprises behaviours that have consequences for the rights and welfare of others (Turiel, 1983). In this review, research examining such behaviours in the sport context is discussed.Expand
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Antecedents of approach-avoidance goals in sport
Abstract We investigated antecedents of mastery-approach, mastery-avoidance, performance-approach, and performance-avoidance goals in sport. University athletes (n = 230) aged 18 – 25 years (meanExpand
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Contextual influences on moral functioning of college basketball players.
The purpose of this study was to examine the role of moral atmosphere and perceived performance motivational climate on moral functioning of college basketball players and to determine theExpand
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Orthogonality of Achievement Goals and Its Relationship to Beliefs about Success and Satisfaction in Sport
The present study examined the relationship between dispositional achievement goal orientations and satisfaction and beliefs about success in sport. Participants were 333 students who wereExpand
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The role of approach‐avoidance versus task and ego goals in enjoyment and cognitive anxiety in youth sport
Abstract This study investigated whether approach‐avoidance goals predicted enjoyment, concentration disruption, and worry, and compared approach‐avoidance versus task/ego goals in predicting theseExpand
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Contextual Influences on Moral Functioning of Male Youth Footballers
This study examined the network of relationships among moral atmosphere, perceived performance motivational climate, and moral functioning of male youth football players. Participants were 325Expand
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