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Optical code-division-multiplexed systems based on spectral encoding of noncoherent sources
Presents a new category of optical CDMA systems which work based on spectral encoding. Expand
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BER Performance of Free-Space Optical Transmission with Spatial Diversity
In this paper, we investigate the bit error rate (BER) performance of FSO links with spatial diversity over log- normal atmospheric turbulence fading channels, assuming both independent and correlated channels among transmitter/receiver apertures. Expand
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Asynchronous indoor positioning system based on visible light communications
An indoor positioning system based on VLC technology is introduced, with no synchronization requirement on transmitters. Expand
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High-frequency characteristics of overhead multiconductor power lines for broadband communications
This paper presents a channel model suitable for multiwire overhead medium voltage lines. Expand
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Hybrid asymmetrically clipped OFDM-based IM/DD optical wireless system
We present a hybrid asymmetrically clipped optical OFDM scheme that uses a combination of both ACO-OFDM and PAM-DMT techniques, which can be used in intensity modulated direct detection (IM/DD) optical wireless (OW) systems. Expand
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Spot-diffusing and fly-eye receivers for indoor infrared wireless communications
  • G. Yun, M. Kavehrad
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE International Conference on Selected Topics…
  • 25 June 1992
A new configuration featured as using spot-diffusing, multiple line-of-sights and fly-eye receivers is proposed for indoor optical wireless communications. Expand
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An optical CDMA system based on spectral encoding of LED
A optical code-division multiple access (CDMA) system based on amplitude spectral encoding of low-cost broadband sources such as light-emitting diodes is presented. Expand
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Impact of Multipath Reflections on the Performance of Indoor Visible Light Positioning Systems
The impact of multipath reflections on a two-dimensional indoor VLC positioning is investigated, considering a complex indoor environment with walls, floor, and ceiling. Expand
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Indoor positioning algorithm using light-emitting diode visible light communications
This paper proposes a novel indoor positioning algorithm using visible light communications (VLC). Expand
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Protocols for very high-speed optical fiber local area networks using a passive star topology
This paper deals with the problem of interconnection of many high-speed bursty traffic users via an optical passive star coupler. Each user can tune its laser over a range of wavelengths, thusExpand
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