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Acute pseudo-obstruction of the colon.
Fourteen patients with acute pseudo-obstruction of the colon (Ogilvie's syndrome) were treated over a 16-year period. Ten patients (71.4%) had a recent history of mental illness and were treated withExpand
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ASCO: Vinegar Screening Significantly Reduces Cervical Cancer Mortality
Biennial visual inspection with acetic acid (vinegar) screening by trained public health workers significantly reduced cervical cancer mortality in a large cluster-randomized controlled trialExpand
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Marlex mesh in giant ventral hernia repair.
Marlex mesh (polypropylene) is an excellent prosthetic material for closure of major defects in the abdominal wall. It helps to overcome many technical difficulties, making possible the repair ofExpand
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The use of talc for pleurodesis in the treatment of resistant empyema.
The use of talc in the infected pleural space has not been reported previously. Five patients who had empyema of the pleura in the fibrinopurulent stage and did not respond to treatment with tubeExpand
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Technical aids in surgery. Two muscle-sparing thoracotomies--techniques and indications.
Two types of muscle-sparing thoracotomies are described. They have been used over the past 11 years in 396 patients. These incisions are ideal for wedge resections, biopsies, exploratoryExpand
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Diagnosis of breast lesions by fine needle aspiration biopsy.
The authors performed 480 fine needle aspiration biopsies (FNAB) of breast masses for cytologic diagnosis in 464 patients. Parallel surgical biopsy with histologic examination was carried out in 163Expand
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Pleuroscopy in patients with pleural effusion and pleural masses.
We performed diagnostic pleuroscopy in 66 patients with pleural effusion and in 14 with pleural masses. The findings were diagnostic in 76 patients (95%). Pleural metastases were found in 63Expand
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Pleuroscopy in clinical evaluation and staging of lung cancer.
The use of pleuroscopy in patients with bronchogenic carcinoma has not been reported previously. We performed this procedure in 45 lung cancer patients in whom pleural involvement was suspected.Expand
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Suture closure versus stapling of bronchial stump in 304 lung cancer operations.
Suture closure of the bronchial stump was compared with staple closure after 304 operations for bronchogenic carcinoma over an 8-year period. In 154 cases (112 lobectomies and 42 pneumonectomies) theExpand
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Cholecystostomy as a definitive operation.
Cholecystostomy for decompression and drainage of the biliary tree is indicated when the elderly, poor risk patient with destructive inflammatory process in the gallbladder is unable to tolerate aExpand
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