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Fractals and the analysis of waveforms.
  • M. Katz
  • Mathematics, Medicine
  • Computers in biology and medicine
  • 1988
Waveforms are planar curves--ordered collections of (x, y) point pairs--where the x values increase monotonically. One technique for numerically classifying waveforms assesses their fractalExpand
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Fractals and the analysis of growth paths
A simple practical method exists for classifying and comparing planar curves composed of connected line segments. This method assigns, a single numberD, the fractal dimension, to eachExpand
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Axonal elongation as a stochastic walk.
A new formula calculates rates of directed axonal growth (elongation or retraction) using measurements of growth cone movements. By explicitly separating changes in axonal length from otherExpand
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Ontogeny of substrate pathways and the origin of the neural circuit pattern
Introduction Substrate pathways Morphological examples of substrate pathways Substrate pathways revealed by studies of axon growth Substrate pathway proposal: Long axon tracts develop via substrateExpand
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Effect of molecular weight on the fracture surface energy of poly(methyl methacrylate) in cleavage
By the radiolysis of poly(methylmethacrylate) (PMMA), the fracture surface energy (γ) was determined at room temperature as a function of viscosity average molecular weight (¯Mv). Using a modifiedExpand
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Intensifier for Bodian staining of tissue sections and cell cultures.
Intensification of the standard Bodian silver stain with a poststaining photographic enhancer produces high resolution of fine cell processes such as axonal growth cones. This technique can be usedExpand
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