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Expression of multilectin receptors and comparative FITC-dextran uptake by human dendritic cells.
Dendritic cells (DC) are potent antigen-presenting cells and understanding their mechanisms of antigen uptake is important for loading DC with antigen for immunotherapy. The multilectin receptors,Expand
The role of dendritic cells in the innate immune system.
The role DCs play in the innate response acting as a critical link with the adaptive response and the influence of the innateresponse on dendritic cells is discussed. Expand
A soluble form of CD83 is released from activated dendritic cells and B lymphocytes, and is detectable in normal human sera.
The existence of a soluble form of CD83 (sCD83) is reported, suggesting sCD83 is generated by the release of mCD83, a inducible glycoprotein expressed predominantly by dendritic cells (DC) and B lymphocytes. Expand
Lidocaine and its analogues inhibit IL-5-mediated survival and activation of human eosinophils.
Lidocaine and its derivatives show novel immunomodulatory properties and are able to blunt eosinophil responses to cytokines in addition to their local anesthetic or antiarrhythmic properties, and may represent a new class of therapeutic agents to treat patients with allergic diseases. Expand
A crucial role for beta 2 integrin in the activation of eosinophils stimulated by IgG.
The results suggest that cell adhesion through CD11b/18 is a crucial step for the activation, signaling, and effector function of eosinophils stimulated by IgG. Expand
Immunological Identification of Blood Group Pk Antigen on Normal Human Erythrocytes and Isolation of Anti‐Pk with Different Affinity
The specificities of anti‐P1 and anti-Pk were analyzed carefully by complement fixation and hemagglutination techniques and the following results were obtained. Expand
Immunohistochemical and enzyme‐histochemical study on the accessory olfactory bulb of the dog
The distribution of neuronal elements in the dog AOB was examined by means of immunohistochemical and enzyme‐histochemical staining and it was distinctly demonstrated that theDog AOB did not display such a well‐developed GCL as observed in the other mammals. Expand
Dendritic Cell Surface Molecules
Dendritic cells (DC) are specialist antigen presenting cells (APC) derived in common with other leukocytes from bone marrow stem cells.1,2 A myeloid derived precursor3 gives rise to immatureExpand
Effects of a human antiflagellar monoclonal antibody in combination with antibiotics on Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection
The results suggest that an antiflagellar monoclonal antibody would be effective against systemic infection in combination with some kinds of antibiotics. Expand
Ligation of the beta2 integrin triggers activation and degranulation of human eosinophils.
Engagement of beta2 integrin either by cell adhesion or by anti-CD11b mAb triggers activation of an intracellular signaling cascade, including protein tyrosine phosphorylation and phosphoinositide turnover, and subsequent cellular degranulation in human eosinophils. Expand