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Haematogenous acute and subacute paediatric osteomyelitis: a systematic review of the literature.
A delay in the diagnosis of paediatric acute and subacute haematogenous osteomyelitis can lead to potentially devastating morbidity. There are no definitive guidelines for diagnosis, andExpand
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Measurement of Patellar Tracking: Assessment and Analysis of the Literature
Patellar tracking is defined as the motion of the patella relative to the femur or femoral groove on knee flexion and extension. Abnormalities of tracking (maltracking) are thought to relate to manyExpand
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Intraoperative measurement of knee kinematics in reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament.
Our objectives were to establish the envelope of passive movement and to demonstrate the kinematic behaviour of the knee during standard clinical tests before and after reconstruction of the anteriorExpand
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Standardisation of the description of patellofemoral motion and comparison between different techniques
Abstract.Patellofemoral motion is significant clinically, yet in the literature many different methods and terminologies are used, thus making comparison between studies difficult. We review andExpand
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A review of reported litigation against English health trusts for the treatment of children in orthopaedics: present trends and suggestions to reduce mistakes
PurposeLarge scale databases that offer a reflection of clinical negligence are rare. By assessing commonly occuring cases of negligence, we hope to highlight areas where pediatric orthopedic careExpand
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Compression of the deep branch of the ulnar nerve in Guyon’s canal by a ganglion: two cases
IntroductionUlnar nerve compression at the wrist can be caused by a variety of intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Isolated compression of only the deep branch of ulnar nerve by a ganglion is veryExpand
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Osteotomy of the radius and ulna for the Madelung deformity.
The Madelung deformity can result in pain and decreased function of the wrist and hand. None of the surgical techniques available has been shown consistently to improve grip strength, range ofExpand
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Emergency surgery: half a day does make a difference.
The emergency operating patterns in a district general hospital were significantly altered by the introduction of an afternoon emergency theatre list co-ordinated by a consultant anaesthetist. BeforeExpand
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