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Low-Rank Coal Drying Technologies—Current Status and New Developments
Despite their vast reserves, low-rank coals are considered undesirable because their high moisture content entails high transportation costs, potential safety hazards in transportation and storage,Expand
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Effect of water washing on the functional and rheological properties of proteins from threadfin bream (Nemipterus japonicus) meat
Summary The effect of the number of water washing cycles on the proximate composition, physicochemical and functional properties of proteins from threadfin bream meat was studied. Contents ofExpand
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Prevalence of aflatoxin B1 contamination in pre- and post-harvest maize kernels, food products, poultry and livestock feeds in Tamil Nadu, India
Aflatoxins, a group of mycotoxins mainly produced by Aspergillus flavus and A. parasiticus, have adverse health effects on humans and livestock that ingest aflatoxin- contaminated food products andExpand
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Gender Specific Association of RAS Gene Polymorphism with Essential Hypertension: A Case-Control Study
Renin-angiotensin system (RAS) polymorphisms have been studied as candidate risk factors for hypertension with inconsistent results, possibly due to heterogeneity among various genetic andExpand
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Inhibition of Aspergillus flavus growth and detoxification of aflatoxin B1 by the medicinal plant zimmu (Allium sativum L. × Allium cepa L.)
Aflatoxins are carcinogenic, teratogenic and immunosuppressive secondary metabolites produced by Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus. Aflatoxin contamination of peanut is one of the mostExpand
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Minimization of Moisture Readsorption in Dried Coal Samples
Low-rank coals csonstitute a major energy source for the future as reserves of such high-moisture coals around the world are vast. Currently they are considered undesirable since high moistureExpand
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Influence of phylloplane colonizing biocontrol agents on the black spot of rose caused by Diplocarpon rosae
Abstract An attempt was made to study the biocontrol efficacy of antagonistic microorganisms in phylloplane of rose cv. Edward to manage the black spot (Diplocarpon rosae) disease. Eight antagonisticExpand
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Detection of HDM2 and VEGF co-expression in cancer cell lines: novel effect of HDM2 antisense treatment on VEGF expression.
The human homologue of murine double minute 2 (HDM2) oncogene is amplified in approximately 7% of all human cancers. Overexpression of HDM2 protein impairs cell cycle control and confers growthExpand
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Myocilin mutations among primary open angle glaucoma patients of Kanyakumari district, South India
Purpose Glaucoma can be defined as optic neuropathy leading to irreversible blindness if not treated in time. Primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) is the most common form of glaucoma. The myocilinExpand
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Chemical and structural characterization of hydroxamate siderophore produced by marine Vibrio harveyi
In the present study, 22 different bacteria were isolated from open ocean water from the Gulf of Mannar, India. Of the 22 isolates, 4 were identified as Vibrio spp. (VM1, VM2, VM3 and VM4) and foundExpand
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