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Questionnaire Survey on Ultra-Precision Positioning
The positioning accuracy is currently at the limit of development, the accuracy of less than 1 nm is expected in the future and the replacement of hydraulic actuators with electromagnetic actuators, sparing the use of lubricating oil, is becoming more common. Expand
Acute Animal Experiment Using a Linear Motor-Driven Total Artificial Heart.
A linear pulse motor developed by the authors was selected as the actuator for a total artificial heart, because it had the highest thrust/volume ratio of 0.76 newtons/milliliter among eight kinds ofExpand
Light-Weight Type Linear Induction Motor and its Characteristics
In Institute for Posts and Telecommunications Policy, a postal transportation system has been studied. This system would make use of linear induction motor (LIM)-driven vehicles for conveying mailExpand
In vitro evaluation of linear motor-driven total artificial heart.
In vitro evaluation of a newly developed linear motor-driven total artificial heart (linear TAH) based on experience with acute animal experiments, which provides the maximum flow rate in mock circulatory testing. Expand
Drive control of linear pulse motor for artificial heart
This paper describes the static and kinetic thrust characteristics of a linear pulse motor (LPM) with feedback control for a total artificial heart (TAH). The TAH using the LPM has advantages ofExpand
Mock test of linear pulse motor-driven artificial heart.
This paper deals with basic characteristics by mock test of a linear pulse motor-driven artificial heart. The artificial heart consists mainly of a linear pulse motor and a blood pump mechanicallyExpand
Light-weight type linear induction motor and its characteristics
The authors are researching a postal transportation system that would make use of linear-induction-motor (LIM)-driven vehicles for conveying mail between post offices in the Tokyo metropolitan area.Expand