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The environmental and cultural contexts of the late Iron Age and medieval settlement in the Mazurian Lake District, NE Poland: combined palaeobotanical and archaeological data
Pollen analysis of sediments from three lakes and analysis of plant macroremains including charcoal from archaeological sites in the Mazurian Lake District provide new data for the reconstruction ofExpand
Wind tunnel experimental investigations of a diffuser augmented wind turbine model
Purpose A solution to increase the energy production rate of the wind turbine is proposed by forcing more air to move through the turbine working section. This can be achieved by equippingExpand
Effects of drought on environmental health risk posed by groundwater contamination.
It was found that despite the occurrence of drought, the expected increase in the concentration of pollutants in water does not take place in all locations and there were also no clear changes in excess lifetime cancer risk values except for selected measurement points. Expand
Vehicle wheel drag coefficient in relation to travelling velocity - CFD analysis
In order to understand the aerodynamic losses associated with a rotating automobile wheel, a detailed characteristics of the drag coefficient in relation to the applied velocity are necessary. SingleExpand
Development of a CFD model for propeller simulation
The article presents a development of numerical model for a single propeller simulation and comparison of obtained results with experimental data available from a test campaign in scale 1:1.Expand
CFD analysis of Diffuser Augmented Wind Turbine model for wind tunnel investigation
Results of integration of experimental campaign with CFD studies, where a small wind turbine placed inside a wind tunnel test section has been examined, are discussed, which included determination of model size influence on flow blockage effects. Expand
Electrochemical Reduction of Industrial Baths Used for Electropolishing of Stainless Steel
Long-term exploitation of industrial electropolishing baths may contribute to the emergence of surface defects and may limit the range of applicable current densities. Due to this, extending the timeExpand
Sensitivity study of diffuser angle and brim height parameters for the design of 3 kW Diffuser Augmented Wind Turbine
Abstract The Diffuser Augmented Wind Turbine (DAWT) is an innovative mean to increase the power harvested by wind turbine. By encompassing the rotor with a diffusershaped duct it is possible toExpand