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Climate zones of Turkey are redefined by using the mathematical methodology of cluster analysis. Data from 113 climate stations for temperatures (mean, maximum and minimum) and total precipitationExpand
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Mutation of GATA3 in human breast tumors
GATA3 is an essential transcription factor that was first identified as a regulator of immune cell function. In recent microarray analyses of human breast tumors, both normal breast luminalExpand
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Statistical modeling for selecting housekeeper genes
There is a need for statistical methods to identify genes that have minimal variation in expression across a variety of experimental conditions. These 'housekeeper' genes are widely employed asExpand
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Universal Reference RNA as a standard for microarray experiments
BackgroundObtaining reliable and reproducible two-color microarray gene expression data is critically important for understanding the biological significance of perturbations made on a cellularExpand
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Genetic Diversity among Forage Bermudagrass ( Cynodon spp.)
Genetic analysis of forage bermudagrasses (Cynodon spp.) lags considerably behind other species, including the turf-type bermudagrasses. This research was undertaken to identify and characterizeExpand
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The influences of the Southern and North Atlantic Oscillations on climatic surface variables in Turkey
In this study, Turkish climatic variables (precipitation, stream flow and maximum and minimum temperatures) were first analysed in association with both the Southern Oscillation (SO) and the NorthExpand
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Dasatinib inhibits site-specific tyrosine phosphorylation of androgen receptor by Ack1 and Src kinases
Activation of androgen receptor (AR) may have a role in the development of castration-resistant prostate cancer. Two intracellular tyrosine kinases, Ack1 (activated cdc42-associated kinase) and Src,Expand
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Climatic effects of urbanization in Istanbul : a statistical and modeling analysis
Statistical and numerical modeling tools were used to investigate the climatic effects of urbanization in Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey. Mann–Kendall trend test was applied to minimumExpand
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Effects of urbanization on climate of İstanbul and Ankara
The purpose of this work is to study regional climate change and investigate the effects of urbanization on climates of two largest cities in Turkey: Istanbul and Ankara. Air temperature (mean,Expand
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Cyclone track variability over Turkey in association with regional climate
In this study a set of cyclone frequency statistics is developed and the prevailing tracks of cyclones are derived for a region of the world that has not been previously investigated in detail.Expand
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