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Design of metasurface polarization converter from linearly polarized signal to circularly polarized signal
Abstract In this study, we both numerically and experimentally present a metasurface (MS) polarization converter to transform linearly polarized signal into circularly polarized one. The unit cellExpand
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Design of a wide band metasurface as a linear to circular polarization converter
In this paper, we present a wide band metasurface (MS) polarization converter which converts a linearly polarized signal to a right-handed or left-handed circularly polarized signal both numericallyExpand
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Transmission tunneling properties and frequency response of multilayer structure are theoretically presented by using transfer matrix method. The structure is composed of double-negative andExpand
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Smart grid on energy efficiency application for wastewater treatment
In this study, first, designing and operating conditions of a wastewater treatment plant located in the south of Iskenderun of Hatay, Turkey, is examined and analyzed. It is shown that influent pumpsExpand
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Coulombian Model for 3D Analytical Calculation of the Torque Exerted on Cuboidal Permanent Magnets with Arbitrary Oriented Polarizations
The paper proposes improved analytical expressions of the torque on cuboidal permanent magnets. Expressions are valid for any relative magnet position and for any polarization direction. TheExpand
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The analysis of PV power potential and system installation in Manavgat, Turkey—A case study in winter season
This study presents an analysis of solar energy potential and data with seasonal variation in region of Manavgat in Antalya, which has one of the highest solar energy potential in Europe. ExpectationExpand
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The Electronic Properties of the Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes: Ab Initio Density Functional Theory Investigation
We examined the graphene and carbon nanotubes in 5 groups according to their structural and electronic properties by using ab initio density functional theory: zigzag (metallic and semiconducting),Expand
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Perfect metamaterial absorber with polarization and incident angle independencies based on ring and cross-wire resonators for shielding and a sensor application
Abstract We report the design, characterization and experimental verification of a perfect metamaterial absorber (MA) based on rings and cross wires (RCWs) configurations that operate in theExpand
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Polarization Angle Independent Perfect Metamaterial Absorbers for Solar Cell Applications in the Microwave, Infrared, and Visible Regime
We design, characterize, and analyze a new kind of metamaterial (MTM) absorber (MA) in difierent frequency regions for the solar cell applications. This MTM based structure is particularly presentedExpand
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Design of Polarization and Incident Angle Insensitive Dual-Band Metamaterial Absorber Based on Isotropic Resonators
Polarization and incident angle independent metamaterial-based absorber (MA) which acts as a strong dual-band resonator is designed and constructed. Besides, a method to design single/dual- band MAExpand
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