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Improvement in visual sensitivity by changes in local context: Parallel studies in human observers and in V1 of alert monkeys
To explore the role of primary visual cortex in contour integration, we measured the contextual sensitivity of human contrast thresholds and of superficial layer complex cells in monkey V1. AnExpand
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Spatial distribution of contextual interactions in primary visual cortex and in visual perception.
To examine the role of primary visual cortex in visuospatial integration, we studied the spatial arrangement of contextual interactions in the response properties of neurons in primary visual cortexExpand
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Dynamics of spatial summation in primary visual cortex of alert monkeys.
We found that even the most conventional measures of receptive field (RF) size were not fixed, but could vary depending on stimulus contrast and foreground-background relationships. Expand
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Perceptual learning of spatial localization: specificity for orientation, position, and context.
Discrimination of simple visual attributes can improve significantly with practice. We have trained human observers to perform peripherally presented tasks involving the localization of short lineExpand
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Spatial integration and cortical dynamics.
Cells in adult primary visual cortex are capable of integrating information over much larger portions of the visual field than was originally thought. Moreover, their receptive field properties canExpand
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Interactions between attention, context and learning in primary visual cortex
Attention in early visual processing engages the higher order, context dependent properties of neurons. Even at the earliest stages of visual cortical processing neurons play a role in intermediateExpand
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A quantitative measure for short-term cortical plasticity in human vision
The human visual system is normally very good at determining the relative positions of objects in space, but under certain conditions contextual influences can cause significant errors in this process. Expand
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Cortical dynamics and visual perception.
Introduction The primary visual cortex is the first cortical stage at which the visual world is analyzed. It has classically been thought to be a passive filter, only deriving information about localExpand
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