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Practical Model and Detection Algorithm for Valve Stiction
Abstract Stiction is the most common problem in pneumatic control valves, which are widely used in the process industry. Stiction causes fluctuation of process variables, which lowers productivity.Expand
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Monitoring independent components for fault detection
A chemical process has a large number of measured variables, but it is usually driven by fewer essential variables, which may or may not be measured. Extracting such essential variables andExpand
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Statistical process monitoring based on dissimilarity of process data
Multivariate statistical process control (MSPC) has been widely used for monitoring chemical processes with highly correlated variables. In this work, a novel statistical process monitoring method isExpand
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Soft‐sensor development using correlation‐based just‐in‐time modeling
Soft-sensors have been widely used for estimating product quality or other key variables, but their estimation performance deteriorate when the process characteristics change. To cope with suchExpand
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Epileptic Seizure Prediction Based on Multivariate Statistical Process Control of Heart Rate Variability Features
We propose a new HRV-based epileptic seizure prediction method through integrating heart rate variability (HRV) analysis and an anomaly monitoring technique. Expand
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Virtual sensing technology in process industries: Trends and challenges revealed by recent industria
Virtual sensing technology is crucial for high product quality and productivity in any industry. This review aims to clarify the trend of research and application of virtual sensing technology inExpand
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Comparison of multivariate statistical process monitoring methods with applications to the Eastman challenge problem
Abstract To improve the performance of multivariate statistical process control (MSPC), two advanced methods, moving principal component analysis (MPCA) and DISSIM, have been proposed. In MPCA andExpand
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Detection and Diagnosis of Stiction in Control Loops State of the Art and Advanced Methods
®-based software can be downloaded from www.ualberta.ca/~bhuang/stiction-book enabling readers to apply the methods to their own data. Methods for the limitation of stiction effects are proposedExpand
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The state of the art in chemical process control in Japan: Good practice and questionnaire survey
Abstract In this age of globalization, the realization of production innovation and highly stable operation is the chief objective of the process industry in Japan. Obviously, modern advanced controlExpand
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Inferential control system of distillation compositions using dynamic partial least squares regression
In order to control product compositions in a multicomponent distillation column, the distillate and bottom compositions are estimated from on-line measured process variables. In this paper,Expand
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