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Mangroves among the most carbon-rich forests in the tropics
The areal extent of mangrove forests has declined by 30–50% over the past half century. An analysis of mangrove forests across the Indo-Pacific suggests that mangrove deforestation generates losses
Realising Redd+: National strategy and policy options
Performance-based payments are key, yet limited. Payments based on performance directly incentivise and compensate forest owners and users. But schemes such as payments for environmental services
The impacts and opportunities of oil palm in Southeast Asia: What do we know and what do we need to know?
The ongoing expansion of oil palm plantations in the humid tropics, especially in Southeast Asia, is generating considerable concern and debate. Amid industry and environmental campaigners' claims,
Evaluating whether protected areas reduce tropical deforestation in Sumatra
Aim This study determines whether the establishment of tropical protected areas (PAs) has led to a reduction in deforestation within their boundaries or whether deforestation has been displaced to
Modeling carbon sequestration in afforestation, agroforestry and forest management projects: the CO2FIX V.2 approach
Abstract The paper describes the Version 2 of the CO2FIX (CO2FIX V.2) model, a user-friendly tool for dynamically estimating the carbon sequestration potential of forest management, agroforesty and
Chapter 3: Impacts of 1.5ºC global warming on natural and human systems
Lead Authors: Marco Bindi (Italy), Sally Brown (UK), Ines Camilloni (Argentina), Arona Diedhiou (Ivory Coast/Senegal), Riyanti Djalante (Japan/Indonesia), Kristie L. Ebi (USA), Francois Engelbrecht
Allometric models for estimating aboveground biomass of shade trees and coffee bushes grown together
Allometric models for dominant shade tree species and coffee plants (Coffea arabica) were developed for coffee agroforestry systems in Matagalpa, Nicaragua and a high correlation was found with the stem diameter at 15 cm height, and the best-fit model was logarithmic.
Carbon storage in mangrove and peatland ecosystems: a preliminary account from plots in Indonesia
Tropical mangroves and peat swamp forests provide numerous ecosystem services, including nutrient cycling, sediment trapping, protection from cyclones and tsunamis, habitat for numerous organisms
Facing an uncertain future: how forest and people can adapt to climate change
The most prominent international responses to climate change focus on mitigation (reducing the accumulation of greenhouse gases) rather than adaptation (reducing the vulnerability of societies and
Do trees grow on money?: the implications of deforestation research for policies to promote REDD
This paper has two objectives. First, it analyzes the past research on deforestation and summarizes the findings of that research, in terms of its relevance to the development of future REDD regimes.