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The mutagenicity of halogenated alkanols and their phosphoric acid esters for Salmonella typhimurium.
9 halogenated alkanols, 9 corresponding tris (haloalkyl)phosphates, and 2 bis-(2,3-dibromopropyl)phosphate salts were evaluated for mutagenicity against Salmonella typhimurium TA98, TA100, TA1535,Expand
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Comparative studies by cell culture and in vivo implantation test on the toxicity of natural rubber latex materials.
Colony assay using V79 cells, the agar diffusion assay with L929 cells, and the 7-day rabbit muscle implantation test were employed to evaluate the cytotoxicity and tissue toxicity of natural rubberExpand
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A new protocol and criteria for quantitative determination of sensitization potencies of chemicals by guinea pig maximization test
This paper presents precise sensitization test data of 15 chemicals with a wide spectrum of sensitization potencies, and proposes a new protocol and criteria for quantitative evaluation ofExpand
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Tinuvin® P in a spandex tape as a cause of clothing dermatitis
We report a 54‐year‐old female with allergic Contact dermatitis from 2‐(2‐hydroxy‐5‐methytphenyl) benzotriazole (Tinuvin® P) in a spandex tape sewn into underwear. Tinuvin® P is used us anExpand
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Determination of p-Phenylenediamine and Related Antioxidants in Rubber Boots by High Performance Liquid Chromatography. Development of an Analytical Method for
Although p-phenylenediamine (PPD) and related compounds have been used as antioxidants in rubber products, they commonly display sensitizing properties and have been associated with contactExpand
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[Subchronic toxicity study of tributoxyethyl phosphate in Wistar rats].
Tributoxyethyl phosphate (TBEP) is widely used in household materials such as plasticizer, floor polish and flame retardant in plastic resins and synthetic rubbers. This compound has been detected atExpand
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Two new iridoid glucosides from Osmanthus fragrans
Abstract Two new iridoid glucosides, 10-acetoxyligustroside and 10-acetoxyoleuropein, along, with two known glucosides, acteoside and phillyrin, have been isolated from the leaves of OsmanthusExpand
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Correlations among chemical constituents, cytotoxicities and tissue responses: in the case of natural rubber latex materials.
Natural rubber latex films obtained from 40 different brands of rubber gloves were tested by quantitative chemical analyses, two cytotoxicity tests (agar-diffusion assay using L929 cells and colonyExpand
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Allergic contact dermatitis from para‐tertiary‐butylphenol‐formaldehyde resin (PTBP‐FR) in athletic tape and leather adhesive
4 girls with severe allergic contact dermatitis from a brand of athletic tape and a cobbler with allergic contact dermatitis from leather adhesive are presented. Alkylphenol resin with unknownExpand
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