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Rapid range expansion of the feral raccoon (Procyon lotor) in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, and its impact on native organisms
The distribution of feral raccoons (Procyon lotor) was surveyed in Kanagawa Prefecture, central Japan. Information was collected mainly through use of a questionnaire to municipal offices,Expand
Involvement of two different types of Verticillium dahliae in lettuce wilt in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
To investigate the cause of the causes of Verticillium wilt of lettuce, each lettuce isolate was characterized for pathogenicity, mating types, and genetic characteristics and found two types of V. dahliae. Expand
New antibiotics, carbazomycins A and B. III. Taxonomy and biosynthesis.
The carbazomycin-producing microorganism, strain H 1051-MY 10, was determined to a strain of Streptoverticillium ehimense and neither of the labeled carbons, [1-14C]tryptophan nor [2,3-13C]propionic acid, was detected in the antibiotic, and a progenitor of the C-2 and C-11 moiety of the antibiotic has not been determined. Expand
Affinity-based screening of MDM2/MDMX-p53 interaction inhibitors by chemical array: identification of novel peptidic inhibitors.
A novel approach for identifying MDM2-p53 and MDMX- p53 PPI inhibitor candidates by affinity-based screening using a chemical array has been established. Expand
Structure-Activity Relationship Study on Odoamide: Insights into the Bioactivities of Aurilide-Family Hybrid Peptide-Polyketides.
Examination of the physicochemical properties revealed that the in vitro cytotoxicity was affected by the serum protein binding of odoamide derivatives, while the differences in the macrocyclic structures had no significant effect on the membrane permeability. Expand
Structure of pyrrolomycin B, a chlorinated nitro-pyrrole antibiotic.
In comparison with other CEPs, the strength of CMX varied according to the kinds of bacteria, and its antibacterial activity against non-fermentation bacteria was relatively weak except P. putrefaciens, Alcaligenes and Comamonas. Expand
Kinesin spindle protein inhibitors with diaryl amine scaffolds: crystal packing analysis for improved aqueous solubility.
Comparative structural investigations on a series of compounds revealed that the higher solubility of diaryl amine-type inhibitors was attributed to fewer van der Waals interactions in the crystal packing and the hydrogen-bond acceptor nitrogen of the aniline moiety for favorable solvation. Expand