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Econometric Estimation of Groundwater Pumping Costs: A Simultaneous Equations Approach
Recent studies have attempted econometric estimation of the effect of changing groundwater costs on various dimensions of agricultural behavior. These studies assume parametric cost values, ignoringExpand
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Possession is Nine Points of the Law: The Political Economy of Early Public Land Disposal
Abstract Early federal policies for disposal of public lands underwent significant changes in the first 40 years of their existence. Though the first policies established around 1800 called for salesExpand
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Water Quality and the Economic Efficiency of Appropriative Water Rights
Many economists have studied the economic efficiency of appropriative water rights under conditions of common access to surface water. The studies in this literature often focus on the issue of howExpand
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Digitized Hi-Vision standard test pictures
The standardized still pictures for HDTV picture quality assessment, which have been published by the Institute of Television Engineers of Japan (ITE) in the form of large-scale transparencies were digitized. Expand