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RIPE: runtime intrusion prevention evaluator
Despite the plethora of research done in code injection countermeasures, buffer overflows still plague modern software. In 2003, Wilander and Kamkar published a comparative evaluation on runtimeExpand
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A Comparison of Publicly Available Tools for Dynamic Buffer Overflow Prevention
This thesis contributes to three research areas in software security, namely security requirements and intrusion prevention via static analysis and runtime detection.We have investigated currentExpand
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Generalized algorithmic debugging and testing
This paper presents a method for semi-automatic bug localization, generalized algorithmic debugging, which has been integrated with the category partition method for functional testing. In this wayExpand
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Interprocedural dynamic slicing with applications to debugging and testing
  • M. Kamkar
  • Computer Science
  • Linköping studies in science and technology…
  • 1993
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An overview and comparative classification of program slicing techniques
  • M. Kamkar
  • Computer Science
  • J. Syst. Softw.
  • 1 December 1995
Program slicing is a method for decomposing programs into slices. A program slice contains all statements that could have influenced the value of a variable of interest at some program point. TheExpand
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A Comparison of Publicly Available Tools for Static Intrusion Prevention
The size and complexity of today's software systems is growing, increasing the number of bugs and thus the possibility of security vulnerabilities. Two common attacks against such vulnerabilities aExpand
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Three approaches to interprocedural dynamic slicing
Abstract The need of maintenance and modification demand that large programs be decomposed into manageable parts. Program slicing is one method for such decomposition. A program slice with respect toExpand
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State Machine Language (AsmL) Microsoft XML and Word Test generation based on total transition coverage of FSM
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Dynamic slicing of distributed programs
As software applications grow larger and become more complex, program maintenance activities such as adding new functionality, debugging, and testing consume an increasing amount of availableExpand
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Interprocedural dynamic slicing applied to interprocedural data flow testing
During the past ten years several variants of an analysis technique called program slicing have been developed. Program slicing has applications in maintenance tasks such as debugging, testing,Expand
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